Grebe’s reprises Obama cookies

Date: 12 Fri 2013 Author: admin Categories: Food


In honor of Tuesday’s inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th U.S. president, Grebe’s Bakery is selling cookies with images of Obama at a limited number of stores in southeast Wisconsin.

The cookies are being made available at all Sentry stores in southeast Wisconsin that are supplied by Milwaukee-based Grebe’s, said Jim Grebe, third-generation president and owner of the bakery. The political cookies are also being sold — just for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday — at Grebe’s Bakery location at South 51st Street and West Lincoln Avenue, and at the Sendik’s Food Market store at North 124th Street and West North Ave.

The cookies are a reprise of the same political cookies distributed by Grebe’s to all of its 300 retail accounts during the 2008 election, which featured cookies with candidates’ images. In total, Grebe’s sold about 60,000 of the cookies so far, with Obama being the best seller, said Grebe, who noted that the popularity of the cookies are at its peak.

“We’ve been doing this since Reagan, but we’ve never experienced this kind of response,” Grebe said.

The cookies are priced at 79 cents apiece.


-The Business Journal of Milwaukee – by Wendy Strong